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Reading Time: < 1 minute March 31st is the day to back up and better protect your data. It’s the World Backup Day! World Backup Day has a clear, compelling message that is just as relevant and timely for enterprises today as it is for individual consumers: “Be prepared against data loss and data theft.” The organizers of World Backup Day tout March 31st as “the day to prevent data loss.” Indeed, this should be a mandate every day. With data backup as king in a chess game-like strategy to combat cyberattacks, preparation is everything.

Reading Time: 2 minutes The VMware Cloud Foundation team has just announced the General Availability of VMware Cloud Foundation 5.1.1, the “suite” that include vSphere, NSX, vSAN and Aria products. But this version is also supporting the Initial Availability of the VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA (as announced at the 2024 GTC AI Conference) in addition to new Solution Licensing, which delivers the first phase of a multi-phase program to deliver the full stack as a single product.  

Reading Time: 4 minutes I’ve was curious to learn more about VMware Cloud on AWS, so I decided to read a new book from Packt, released on Feb 2024, with the title: VMware Cloud on AWS Blueprint: Design, automate, and migrate VMware workloads on AWS global infrastructure. The book is also available on Amazan at this link. It explores some use cases and best practices to seamlessly migrate and scale legacy enterprise-grade applications running on on-premises vSphere environments to VMware Cloud SDDCs running on AWS infrastructure.

Reading Time: 5 minutes VMware vSphere has a guest customization feature to change some guest OS setting for VMs that are cloned of deployed from template. For example to change the computer name, network settings, or timezone settings. Customizing guest operating systems helps prevent conflicts that occur if virtual machines with identical settings are deployed, for example conflicts due to duplicate computer names. For Linux based VM there are two diffent type of guest OS customization engines: But which one is used and which could be preferred?

Reading Time: 2 minutes NAKIVO has just released a new solution to back up and recover Proxmox VM data. Proxmox Backup Solution by NAKIVO that is already available to download.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Cloud-init is a powerful configuration tools used in several Linux distributions, but his implementation is not always the best. And on some version of Ubuntu Server it’s making the boot slower and it’s annoning with some console messaging, also after the boot phase. There are two different approach to disable cloud-init.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Software for Open Networking in the Cloud (SONiC) is the open networking solution used in Microsoft’s Azure Cloud. SONiC is the networking switch software used in the lower layer of Azure Datacenter fabric (TOR and Aggregation).

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