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Reading Time: 3 minutes During this edition of DockerCon, Platform9 announced that it is providing support for Docker containers with Platform9 Managed Kubernetes. Platform9 Managed Kubernetes is an enterprise-ready container management platform that makes it easy to orchestrate containerized workloads, while providing mission-critical features for deploying and managing Docker containers in production and at scale.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Platform9 have an interesting product for making private cloud easy using a public cloud enterprise service (according to a SaaS model) based on OpenStack platform (we can call it as an OpenStack as a Service). They were very active in the past years and part of several industry level events, included latest IT Press Tour and Virtualization Field Day. Platform9’s mission is to make private clouds easy for any enterprise at any scale, and spend less than 5 minutes to get a fully operational environment. Actually they are fully supporting KVM hypervisors, but the final target will […]

Reading Time: 5 minutes VMware vRealize Operations Manager is the rebranded name of vCenter Operations Manager (derived from a 2011’s company acquisition) and will be part of the new vRealize suite. But will be not only a barely renaming of an existing product, instead it will be a completely new version with lot of important improvements. Finally with the 6.0 (now at the 6.0.2) version lot of limitations and minor issues of the previous product has been solved and, although is still not a general purpose tool that can be used on all cases, it’s becoming really interesting and rich […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes Orchestration in VMware environments is something still not so well explored and explained. Historically there was only vCenter Orchestrator from one side (if you are looking something at high level) and scripting from the other (if you know PowerShell or other scripting languages). Now for the first part there is vRealize Automation, but still the Orchestrator part could be necessary (for example to use vRealize Automation with VMware NSX). The book “VMware vRealize Orchestrator Cookbook” has the ambition purpose to explain how to master the configuration, programming, and interaction of plugins with Orchestrator to efficiently […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes As you probably know, VMware vRealize Operations is a suite of products that automates operations management using patented analytics and an integrated approach to performance, capacity, and configuration management. This suite derive from the VCOPS (vCenter Operations Mananagement) core and has been recently rebranded in the new vRealize suite name. The new v6 of this suite bring not only a new name, but also a lot of changes and improvements and a good book that cover this aspect are more than welcome. Unfortunately there are so much and actually one of the few is the […]

Reading Time: 8 minutes During the first Italian Tech Field Day Extra (at Cisco Live 2015 in Milan) the company that we met was, of course, Cisco. For an entire day we had different sessions with different Cisco’s people and talk about their different products, but also their different solutions and approaches. It was a full day (January 26th) from 9:00 to 17:00 with a bunch of interesting information (especially for me, where the networking part is usually the simplest part of my project, considering the medium size of Italian projects and environments).

Reading Time: 2 minutes VMware announced the general availability of new cloud management offerings including a significant update to VMware vRealize™ Suite 6, a cloud management platform built for the hybrid cloud. The suite was announced during the last VMworld EU, but finally it’s available for the download. New product releases now available include VMware vRealize™ Operations™ 6.0, VMware vRealize Business™ 6.0 Standard, VMware vRealize Business 8.2 Advanced and Enterprise, VMware vRealize Automation™ 6.2, and VMware vRealize Log Insight™ 2.5. VMware vRealize Code Stream™ 1.0, a new solution for supporting agile development and DevOps processes, is also now available.

Reading Time: 3 minutes After (several months) the last CloudOps events, the CloudOps VMUG SIG will organize a new event with Platform9 about IT Management. Next CloudOps SIG Event: Platform9 Wednesday, December 10, 2014 – 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. (CT) Registration link

Reading Time: 3 minutes During the last IT Press Tour (the 14th), in the Silicon Valley (during December 1-5, 2014) we met several companies in different categories (Cloud, Storage and Big Data). The last (during a nice dinner) on the first day was Platform9, that I’ve already met (via conference) during the announce of their product (not yet available).

Reading Time: 2 minutes In VMware strategy, Cloud Management is the control plane for the Software-Defined Data Center and the Hybrid Cloud and, of course, is one strategical aspect for both pillars. The next step in the VMware cloud management evolution must addressing evolving needs of SDDC and Hybrid Cloud customers: Deliver cloud services with the cost and agility their consumers expect from cloud Enable converging of IT Silos (Storage, Network, App MW, Security, Ops) Deliver unified management across Private, Public and Hybrid with flexible consumption models

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