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Reading Time: 2 minutes In the past days a new bunch of VCDXs (around 30) are appear, but the interesting news is that they are (or at least most of them) VCDX-NV: the new track specific for Network Virtualization (that mean mainly VMware NSX). Seems that they are all coming from the NSX Ninja program and most of them where already Cisco CCIE (matching the criteria described on the VCDX-NV official web page). This also may confirm that there isn’t a real VCAP level for the NX path (as already commented in a previous post and also supposed in this […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes VMware certifications path is a three level model: starting from VCP, VCAP to the top level VCDX certification. Plus an initial, but not relevant in the certification step (to increase your level) Associated level (VCA). And this for each technology area: datacenter, cloud and end user computing and soon the networking path. Now there some new information about the network virtualization path, related to the VMware NSX product.

Reading Time: 6 minutes The Italian VCAP and VCDX Bootcamps have finished and I can confirm (another time) how they can really valuable. During the past VMworld EU, I’ve attend at the VCDX Bootcamp, and this time was the opportunity to attend also at the VCAP Bootcamp (but first to all the opportunity to bring them in Italy). Those bootcamps are a great opportunity to increase you skills, knowledge but also your confidence with VMware high level certification programs. But also a special opportunity to know other people involved in VCAP or VCDX preparation or people that have already […]


Reading Time: 1 minute With the release of the VMware Certified Design Expert – Desktop (VCDX-DT) certification, the certification path for the VMware End User Computing is finally completed. The official page shows all the details including the Handbook & Application. It does not report the dates for the defense, but they will be the same as other VCDX defense: VCDX defense schedule for 2014.

Reading Time: 5 minutes The “call for locations” content has the first result: in April 2014 there are some special edition of the VCAP and VCDX Bootcamp in Europe, outside of the traditional big events (like VMworld or PEX). This is a great opportunity to increase you skills, knowledge but also your confidence with those certification programs. VCAP Bootcamp is mostly dedicated to the design exams, but this time also the admin exams will be considered. VCDX Bootcamp is a half day session (little less) that can really help you in the VCDX preparation, especially to understand the entire […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes The available VCDX defense dates (and locations) for 2014 are been recently announced on a thread in the VMware Community. Some were already well know (during the PEX event). The interesting aspect is that there are more locations (basically one per main Region) and that (actually) seems that there is no plan to bring the defence during the VMworld (not a new idea, but this time make sense, considering the better proposal of dates and places).

Reading Time: 2 minutes A VCDX Bootcamp is a half day session (little less) that can really help you in the VCDX preparation, expecially to understand the entire VCDX process with more attention on the application and the defense part. In my opinion could be a must for each new VCDX (I wasn’t so lucky and I wasn’t able to attend it). There is also a book: VCDX Boot Camp: Preparing for the VCDX Panel Defense. But honestly be part at this live experience could be completly different.

Reading Time: 2 minutes In the last weeks there were several news about the VCDX certifications: the first double VCDX, a new defense and an interesting support offer from Nutanix. The first guy that has now both VCDX-DCV and VCDX-Cloud certifications is Tom Fojta. Here it’s Journey to VCDX-Cloud, and huge congrats for this amazing result! The new VCDX defense date it’s: October 28-30 in Singapore. Will be another opportunity for VCDX4-DCV, VCDX5-DCV, and VCDX-Cloud. Probably the last one for VCDX4, considering that on the general certification page all v4 certs have been removed!

Reading Time: 1 minute Some interesting data about VCDX guys: VCDX Directory VCDX  Map VCDX by the Numbers (Update) VCDX age (old data)

Reading Time: 1 minute Finally, after the first info and rumors about the VCDX-Cloud certification, the official page seems to be complete with all the information and all the certification path. We probably will see first VCDX-Cloud certified people starting from the second half of July 2013.

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