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Reading Time: 4 minutes Leil Storage is modern storage designed for backup and archival data. Leil is an Estonian company with the headquarter in Tallin. With their solution, they are trying hard to revitalize, redo, and right many wrongs around the concept of backup and archival storage.

Reading Time: 3 minutes On April 16th, CTERA announced the enhancement of its award-winning ransomware protection engine, CTERA Ransom Protect, with active protection against data exfiltration using honeypot decoy techniques. CTERA Ransom Protect is an AI-powered cyber defense engine integrated into the CTERA global file system, providing zero-day protection against widespread ransomware attacks.

Reading Time: 2 minutes MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) is a new storage technology for long-term, online storage of persistent data that takes advantage of a newer generation of SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) disk drives that are designed to be powered on and off and improve energy efficiency. This allows denser packaging of drives in large-scale disk storage systems since only 25% of disks are spinning at any one time. MAID provides for the power management of disks drives, thus creating a new service level for retaining and accessing “archive/persistent” data.

Reading Time: 3 minutes QStar Technologies announces QStar Global ArchiveSpace, a new multi-node gateway software solution that cost-effectively supports the massive archive needs of high performance computing (HPC), AI/ML, hyperscalers, media and entertainment and video surveillance environments, looking to simplify, store and protect data for the long-term using the world’s largest tape libraries. QStar Technologies is a world leader in active archive software for tape libraries, founded in 1987, in Bethesda, Maryland (USA). Corporate headquarters are in Denver (USA )and Milan (Italy). From the outset the firm has focused exclusively on developing products and solutions to manage, store and […]

Reading Time: < 1 minute On November 29th, 2023, Quantum announced the general availability of a new solution, Myriad. Quantum boasts a comprehensive end-to-end portfolio of software solutions known to unlock the true value of data.  A company with a pedigree in storage, Quantum offers solutions ranging from archiving to file and object storage, each targeted at a particular set of uses cases. In all its solutions, data is the chief strategy and center of focus.  Some weeks ago I’ve got the opportunity to attend at the Quantum Tech Field Day Showcase and learn more about this innovative product.

Reading Time: 2 minutes A3 Technology Live! is a one-day event, organized by A3 Communications, where up to four vendors showcase their technologies in action to a group of technical journalists, bloggers and analysts. A combination of presentations and demos allows each company to present its solutions with a much higher level of detail than is usually possible in traditional briefings. A highly interactive day for all participants.  Each editions has 3-4 companies, usually storage related, presenting their vision and/or products.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pure Storage sees strong customer adoption of its Evergreen Subscription Services, surpassing $1B in ARR for the first time. Pure Storage announced continued growth of its subscription service offerings, including its Evergreen® portfolio, in addition to a new energy efficiency service level agreement (SLA) for Evergreen//One™. The introduction of the new SLA represents the first and only energy efficiency guarantee in the enterprise storage as a service market, and supports Pure Storage’s mission to provide customers with the most sustainable storage technology to meet their goals.

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