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Reading Time: 2 minutes Like every hardware and software components, before apply a VMware vSphere upgrade or update you have to check all compatibility aspects. One is related to the backup software that can be critical because you may loose the capability to perform backup and/or restore. For Veeam Backup & Replication there is a specific Veeam KB (KB 2443) that provides information about compatibility between VMware vSphere and Veeam Backup & Replication.

Reading Time: 3 minutes VMware vSphere Clustering Service (vCLS) was introduced in the vSphere 7 Update 1 release with the idea of creating a decoupled and distributed control plane for clustering services in vSphere. In the first release, a subset of DRS capabilities was using the new vCLS feature and starting with vCenter 7.0.1, VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler (vSphere DRS) cannot function if vSphere Cluster Services VMs are not present in each vSphere cluster.

Reading Time: 9 minutes VMware by Broadcom has just released vSphere 8.0 Update 3 (8.0.3). Note that ESXi 8.0 Update 3 release is an Initial Availability (IA). The vCenter Server 8.0 Update 3 release instead is a General Availability (GA). For more information on the vSphere 8.0 IA/GA Release Model of vSphere Update releases, see The vSphere 8 Release Model Evolves. Before planning any type of update, remember to check the entire hardware and software compatibility and, at least, could be safe wait for ESXi in GA. And don’t forget backup programs, actually none of them will officially support […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Reduced Downtime Upgrade (RDU) is a new mechanism introduced in vSphere 8.x for upgrade/update the self-managed vCenter Servers with a minimal downtime (lesser compared to normal upgrade/update procedure). What is the Self-managed vCenter Server? It’s a vCenter Server that manages its own ESXi host and its own virtual machine. More information are available in KB 92659 (vCenter Server upgrades with the reduced downtime).

Reading Time: < 1 minute According with Product Lifecycle Matrix and KB 89305, VMware has officially declared, vSphere 6.5.x and vSphere 6.7.x will be End of General Support by October 15th 2022. To maintain your full level of Support and Subscription Services, VMware recommends upgrading to vSphere 7.

Reading Time: 3 minutes DellEMC PowerStore is the new product line that will replace the old Equallogic/SC/VNX/Unity series. It’s a nice product with a mix of the features of all those prevuious products and a new modern design both in the hardware and the software parts. From VMware vSphere point of view it can be access as a block level storage with iSCSI and/or FC protocols, but it has also a native vVols implementation and, for example, in the PowerStoreX model it’s the default way to access at the storage resources.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Easy question, but much more complicated answer. If you go to you can found a strange combo of versions:

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