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Reading Time: 5 minutes Lot of storage, cloud and backup solutions are promising some kind of data immutability. Of course, immutability is an important key capability, but it does not imply automatically that your solution is secure (or more secure). It can give a false sense of security if not implemented properly. When misconfigured, it is possible to delete supposedly immutable data, for example, by manipulating time/date settings on the storage device to bypass retention enforcement mechanisms.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Diffent products are implementing a security model called “four-eyes principle” (also know as the two-person rule). For example Veeam Backup & Replication (starting with v12) has the Four-Eyes Authorization feature to protect some crucial operations. But what is the four-eyes (4-eyes) principle and how does it work? First to all is nothing related to software or security but instead a way to minimize the human errors and can be appliable also to non IT activities.

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Reading Time: 4 minutes Commvault has announced (on April 29th) a new era in cleanroom technology with the new Commvault Cloud Cleanroom Recovery offering available from now. What is a cleanroom? A cleanroom is an isolated recovery environment that is frequently used for secure cyber recovery scenarios. It’s more than just running a instant recovery or replicated VM in a isolated environment.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Veeam has acquired Coveware, a leading provider in cyber-extortion incident response. Coveware combines aggregated ransomware case data, refined negotiating techniques and sound financial and operational controls to achieve superior ransomware incident response and recovery for our clients. The company created Recon and Unidecrypt, two proprietary software packages for cost analysis and ransomware decryption, respectively.

Reading Time: 3 minutes On April 16th, CTERA announced the enhancement of its award-winning ransomware protection engine, CTERA Ransom Protect, with active protection against data exfiltration using honeypot decoy techniques. CTERA Ransom Protect is an AI-powered cyber defense engine integrated into the CTERA global file system, providing zero-day protection against widespread ransomware attacks.

Reading Time: 2 minutes CTERA Vault is a Read Many (WORM) protection technology that protects against risks related to data tampering. In simple terms, CTERA Vault allows data to be written to a storage system once and then prevents any modifications and/or deletions. Think of it as a security vault for your data that is immune to ransomware, accidental deletions, and unwanted changes.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Scality,a global leader in reliable, secure and sustainable data storage software, today announced the results of a survey of 500 IT decision-makers across France, Germany, the UK and the US to gain insight into the role immutable data storage plays in an organisation’s overall cybersecurity strategy. Key findings reveal:

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