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Reading Time: 3 minutes On February 16th 2016, EMC has launched a new product: VxRail. It’s a fully integrated, preconfigured, and pre-tested VMware hyper-converged infrastructure appliancebased on VMware’s vSphere and Virtual SAN, and EMC software. VxRail delivers an all-in-one IT infrastructure transformation by leveraging a known and proven building block for the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). But more important is not only an EMC product: it cames from the VCE that is an alliance with EMC, VMware and Cisco. So it’s mainly an EMC and VMware new product.

Reading Time: 5 minutes Primary Data emerged from stealth November 19, 2014 and I was lucky enough to met them one year ago (see #ITPT 14 Report – Primary Data) and learn about their interesting vision of storage virtualization. Primary Data’s product has been officially announced during VMworld US 2015. Its headquarter is in Los Altos, CA with offices around the world and currently employs about 80 staff worldwide and with over $60 million in venture capital raised to date. Their vision is quite simple: transforming datacenter economics with Data Mobility through Data Virtualization.

Reading Time: 8 minutes StarWind Software is a US privately held company (headquartered in Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA) which began in Feb 2009 as a spin-off from Rocket Division Software (founded in 2003), with its StarWind iSCSI Target solution as main product. After that, the company has grown and also the products have evolveld following the market trends and customer needs. Now their most interesting product is StarWind Virtual SAN: a scale-out and “shared-nothing” storage solution that works also with 2 nodes, configuration that can be really important for remote office and branch office (ROBO) or SMB cases.

Reading Time: 3 minutes FalconStor is a well know company in the IT area; creators of several solutions like: FalconStor® Virtual Tape Library, MicroScan™ Replication, Disksafe™ Bootable Snapshot. But also pioneer of the data services first approach by combining virtualization, protection and migration technologies. The company was founder on February 2000 (15 years ago) and actually they have 3,000+ active customers (included 20+ service providers to address public and private cloud) in 56 different countries.

Reading Time: 8 minutes One of the biggest new in the new VMware vSphere 6.0 suite are probably Virtual Volumes, fundamental part of the VMware’s SDS vision. What are vSphere Virtual Volumes (or VVols)? They are an integration and management framework to convert external storage in VM-aware storage. From my point of view is the biggest news of this release (and probably the most announced, during the previous VMworld… first tech preview was in 2012!) and can really change the storage part of a virtualized design, included how it’s design. But, much important, could be a great opportunity also for […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes VMware’s vision of those last years it’s almost clear and it’s all around the three main pillars: SDDC, Hybrid Cloud and EUC. In order to provide the Software Defined DataCenter, VMware has work a lot on the cloud related aspects, but also for the SDN and SDS technologies to enable a VM policies driven approach. VMware NSX is the clear answer on the SDN part, but what about the SDS part?

Reading Time: 2 minutes NexentaConnect is a complete suite of software solutions to combine software-defined storage with cloud, enterprise, and desktop deployments. Providing acceleration, automation and analytics that can only be delivered when storage is integrated with the entire solution stack. There are different type of Connect, and recently has been announced a specific version of VSAN: NexentaConnect complements VMware Virtual SAN simplified operating and storage consumption models by providing several new features:

Reading Time: 5 minutes During the last IT Press Tour (the 14th), in the Silicon Valley (December 1-5, 2014) we met several companies in different categories (Cloud, Storage and Big Data). The third company that we met on the fourth day was Primary Data and potentially their product could be one of the most disrupting in the storage arena.

Reading Time: 4 minutes I’ve already write about Atlantis ILIO USX in some previous posts (for example look at the one related to Virtualization Field Day 3). Their solution is a in-memory software-defined storage solution that pools existing SAN, NAS and DAS from across the datacenter and then optimizes how server applications and VMs consume this storage. Now Atlantis Computing has announced the new version 2.0 of this product with the promise to enable enterprises to deliver better than flash performance, for half the cost of traditional SAN. With USX they are jumping in the storage world making their […]

Reading Time: 5 minutes During the first day of the third edition of Virtualization Field Day (#VFD3) one of the companies that we (as delegates) met was Atlantis Computing that was a well known company VDI environments, but some weeks ago they have also enter officially in the storage arena with the announce of Atlantis ILIO USX™ (Unified Software-defined Storage) solution. I’ve already write about Atlantis ILIO products and how their unique host caching solution could be interesting in several cases (mostly in VDI environments). Those solutions are appreciated by more than 440 customers (500,000 VM licenses sold globally). […]

Reading Time: 4 minutes After the VMware NOW: Virtual SAN Special Online Event of past week (on Thursday, March 6, 2014), now VMware announce the GA Virtual SAN 5.5, a Software-Defined Storage with the declared objective to bring the efficient operational model of virtualization to the storage world. This product was widely announced in previous VMworld and arrived after a long beta program with and unprecedented customer interest and validation: 12,000+ Virtual SAN Beta Participants represent an interesting number (also considering some prizes and contents during the beta period).

Reading Time: 8 minutes During the second day of the third edition of Virtualization Field Day (#VFD3) one of the company that we (as delegates) met was Coho Data that is a (new) cool company in the big storage arena. Their beginnings as with a specific goal of shifting the way that storage is built and managed. This session also match the announcement of the General Availability (GA) of their Web-Scale Storage Appliance for the Enterprise. Formally they are a software company, but the solution is a storage appliance already packet with both the hardware part and the software part (there are different reasons […]

Reading Time: 5 minutes Microsoft is an historical name in the IT world, both in the consumer and the professional area. Actually it’s already a player in the storage world: just consider the Windows Storage Server edition included in some storage appliances (for example the Dell PowerVault NX family). But Windows Storage Server is little more than an “embedded” version of Windows Server and basically is just a dedicated Windows Server (with a better license cost than the full edition). An enterprise storage is just more than this and must provide more functions, but first to all an high […]

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