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Primary Data was a US startup that developed intelligence and automation software for enterprise data management across on-premises IT infrastructure and into the cloud.

Basically an abstraction layer over the primary storage using with Data Mobility through Data Virtualization (somehow like Nicira made with network).

I’ve wrote about this company and its interesting solution in two different posts (when company exit from stealth and one year later).

But were is the company now? Sadly it’s closed.

Founded in August 2013 by David Flynn and Rick White, emerged from stealth at DEMO Fall 2014 on November 19, 2014. Its headquarter was in Los Altos, CA.

After raising a whopping $100 million in equity and debt and attracting the likes of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak to its management team, in January 2019 has been closed and stop to operating.

For more information see this TechCrunch article.

But if the solution was so interesting why has closed?

Great ideas and funds are not enough… One year after, the first production release of their product was not out (or at least not mature enough). And this delay was a first mistake.

Then probably the raising of VMware vVols, the initial issues with VAIO API and other technology shift may also the other causes of the failure of this project.