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The file-level backup feature introduced in vCSA 6.5 is very powerfull and schedulable (starting with vCSA 6.7) because sometimes the image-level backup may not provide the proper integrity if you have corrupted files inside the VM.

Also with vSphere 7.0 is possible monitoring the status of the file-level backup directly from vSphere Client and this is quite usefull to have this information direct visible from the UI:

But with version 7.0 Update 3 something works differently and your scheduled backup may fail.

If you have set the DB Health Check option, all backup will fail.

DB Health Check helps you determine the status of your database. Backup will take longer if the DB health check is enabled. Longer time, but you are quite sure that the DB is restorable!

From the backup job activity list, you will found the reason of the failure.

The message prompt: “Db health is UNHEALTHY, Backup Failed.Disable health check to take backup in current state.”

VMware has already documented this issue in KB 86084 (VAMI backups fail with Db health is UNHEALTHY, Backup Failed. Disable health check to take backup in current state).

This is a known issue on vCenter 7.0 U3!

There has been change in DB schema which is not refreshed post patching and hence when its checking the DB schema it is failing. Unchecking it, will not cause any effect. Running the command mentioned below will refresh the latest DB schema and the validation would succeed.

The solution is just run, from the vCSA shell, this command:

 /usr/bin/dbcc -fbss embedded

Then restart your backup