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Cloud-init is a powerful configuration tools used in several Linux distributions, but his implementation is not always the best. And on some version of Ubuntu Server it’s making the boot slower and it’s annoning with some console messaging, also after the boot phase.

There are two different approach to disable cloud-init.

Flexible mode: Disable cloud-init from file

This is the safest and the easiest method and is fast to reverse. It require to create a cloud-init.disabled file in /etc/cloud directory and reboot the system.

  • To create empty file, issue this comand:

sudo touch /etc/cloud/cloud-init.disabled

  • and reboot:

init 6

Permament mode: remove cloud-init package

This second method does not only disable cloud-init but completely remove its package and files from the Ubuntu Server machine.

  • Remove cloud-init package

sudo apt purge cloud-init -y

  • Remove /etc/cloud folder

sudo rm -rf /etc/cloud && sudo rm -rf /var/lib/cloud/

  • Reboot the system


Anyway it remain an interesting tools to customizing images and there are scenarios where can be used.

Cloud images are operating system templates and every instance starts out as an identical clone of every other instance. It is the user data that gives every cloud instance its personality and cloud-init can be the tool that applies user data to your instances automatically.