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NAKIVO has just released a new solution to back up and recover Proxmox VM data.

Proxmox Backup Solution by NAKIVO that is already available to download.

Customers can protect their Proxmox VM data using agent-based backup. This support comes with a set of capabilities, such as:

  •  Full and incremental, image-based backup of Proxmox VM data
    Copy only the changed blocks of data and improve backup speed using incremental backups. Backups are app-aware and image-based to ensure data consistency after recovery.
  • Backup copy to remote sites, public clouds, other S3-compatible platforms and tape
    Achieve efficient backup tiering by storing backups onsite and sending backup copies offsite, to public clouds, NAS, deduplication appliances or tape.
  • Full VM data recovery or instant recovery of files and app objects to the original or a custom location
    Fully restore VM data or quickly recover individual files, folders and application objects without restoring the entire machine. Send the recovered items to the original or custom location.
  • Immutable storage
    Enable immutability for backups stored in Linux-based local repositories or in the cloud to prevent modification or deletion by ransomware.
  • Advanced security measures
    Enable role-based access control, two-factor authentication and data encryption to ensure protection from unauthorized access.

Will be interesting see if this product will also help Proxmox VM growing in its adoption.