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The IT Press Tour (ITPT) is an intinerant tour of a group of famous US and European journalists travels to California, Colorado or other place to meet companies in the IT Infrastructure, Cloud, Networking, Data Management and Storage world and learn more about their products and solutions.

Since the 1st tour edition, the IT Press Tour have met 299 companies with 527 different sessions! Some companies did multiple editions and adopted the IT Press Tour as a key marketing communication medium once a year.


The 55th edition will be (for the first time) in Italy, in Rome, in a two days event (April 9-10).

And I’m very excited to be again part of this event.

The final list of companies by alphabetic order is:

Will be really interesting meet all those companies and will be a proficient week. To follow the tour on Twitter you can use the #ITPT hashtag:

#ITPT Tweets

Disclaimer: I’ve been invited to this event by Condor Consulting Group and they will paid for accommodation and travels, but I’m not compensated for my time and I’m not obliged to blog. Furthermore, the content is not reviewed, approved or published by any other person than me.