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Know & Decide has been created end of 2015 in Luxembourg. It employs 17 people, including 7 developers, and will achieve a turnover of €2 million in 2024.

They provide one of the most comprehensive IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution to tackle current and coming IT challenges.

ITAM tools are needed to allow IT management to have a global vision and transform the IT department from a cost center into a service center and an intrinsic value.

But the current challenges are:

  • The quality and completeness of repositories over time (CMDB, AD,…)
  • The quality of the production plan
  • The effectiveness of the security policy
  • Life cycle and obsolescence management
  • Automation of multi-annual budgets and internal charge back
  • Green IT

The solution is structured in three complementary modules:

  • Data discovery: a web application for automating data collection and identifying all your Configuration Items (CIs)
  • Data management: a natural language rule engine to automate data consistency and quality checks
  • Data report: a web portal that allows you to create and distribute your key performance indicators (KPIs) in just a few clicks (optional, because a customer may already have existing dashboards)

The data discovery module can manage different data sources ensures that all CIs are discovered, and all attributes are consolidated and conflicts are detected and managed.

Data discover is a data-agnostic solution that supports all file formats (CVS, XLS, XML, JSON, PDF) regardless of content.

What makes this solution interesting is that is focused to the C-levels: can provide not only technical informations and has an horizontal multi-source approach which guarantees to discover all the CIs.

The pricing is based on the numbers of CIs, and this can make the solution affortable also for SMB, where the number of CIs are lesser compared to the enterprise.