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QStar Technologies announces QStar Global ArchiveSpace, a new multi-node gateway software solution that cost-effectively supports the massive archive needs of high performance computing (HPC), AI/ML, hyperscalers, media and entertainment and video surveillance environments, looking to simplify, store and protect data for the long-term using the world’s largest tape libraries.

QStar Technologies is a world leader in active archive software for tape libraries, founded in 1987, in Bethesda, Maryland (USA). Corporate headquarters are in Denver (USA )and Milan (Italy). From the outset the firm has focused exclusively on developing products and solutions to manage, store and archive enterprise level data.

Global ArchiveSpace creates a multi-node Windows or Linux based archive solution using Global Namespaces for SMB shares, NFS mounts or S3 buckets. Installing on Windows or Linux allows users to take advantage of their preferred security model, using Active Directory or LDAP.

Users can choose, based on desired capacity and performance, from 3 to 64 nodes.

Global ArchiveSpace is designed to support all tape libraries from all vendors but particularly the largest tape libraries available on the market today, using any version of LTO or proprietary tape drive technology.

It is ideal for use with IBM TS4500, Oracle SL8500, Quantum Scalar i6000 and Spectra Logic TFinity Exascale supporting hundreds of tape drives and an unlimited media count allowing hundreds of Petabytes or Exabytes.

Key features include:

  • Multi-node Domain configurator.
  • Global namespace facilitates multi-nodes to read / write in parallel, so any node can access any media through any tape drive with a global cache approach.
  • Multi-node architecture enables also high availability.
  • Multi-write option groups tape drives together for higher performance by allowing a single stream to be written to multiple tape drives based on policies.
  • Mirroring and replication options protect content by automatically creating copies of data within the library, to another tape library, or to private / public cloud.
  • Tape library does not need to be partitioned, reducing administration complexity.
  • Supports hundreds of LTO or proprietary tape drives and unlimited number of media. There is also a media ownership concepts that protects media usage by non-authorized nodes in another Domain.
  • Web Services support fastest retrieval of sequentially stored data by presorting in the order they appear on tape media to minimize media loads and eliminate “shoe-shining”.

By using multiple nodes and multiple tapes is also possible reach interesting results in term of performance:

Global ArchiveSpace is an extension of QStar Archive Manager, so users can upgrade their
existing licenses to take advantage of the improved resilience and performance this solution