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CTERA Vault is a Read Many (WORM) protection technology that protects against risks related to data tampering.

In simple terms, CTERA Vault allows data to be written to a storage system once and then prevents any modifications and/or deletions. Think of it as a security vault for your data that is immune to ransomware, accidental deletions, and unwanted changes.

It has been announced in September 12, 2023 and has become part of the data security services in the CTERA platform:

But who need immutable storage?

  • Financial, Healthcare, Government and many other industries must comply with regulations and protect certain data for a predefined, long/short term periods.
  • Legal process may require original and untouched evidence that cannot be tampered with over time.
  • Data such as financial records, research data, and intellectual property require a long term, protected archive.
  • Companies with a mandatory requirement to provide a full audit trail of data, with a verifiable record of when and by whom data was accessed.
Security Vault

A new role, Compliance Officer, is used to manage any compliance-related task like the creation of protected folder.

But soon (in Q2) there will be some improvements, in the new “CTERA Vault 2.0” that will add some new features like legal holds, object lock propagation, and chain of custody.

With the object lock propagation will be possible automatically set object retention and tier/archive files to exteral object storages.