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Reading Time: 6 minutes In my briefing with Actifio, during the last Powering the cloud event, was with Andrew Gilman (Senior Director of Global Marketing) and Ann Karolin Thueland (Director Marketing EMEA). The company is a so-called storage “start-up”, but it already has its own story (it was founded by Ash Ashutosh in July 2009) and by the way was born in Massachusetts, rather than the “usual” Silicon Valley. Furthermore, compared to many other start-up that are building solutions similar to each other (at least from a conceptual point of view), here the founders have addressed a specific needs […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes Not only the VMware Horizon View 5.3 has been released but also the related Feature Pack 1. It’s available, as usual, in a dedicated download area. It also include the new Blast 2.2 protocol (aka the HTML5 access) that bring some interesting in term of performance and speed and reduce the big gap between the PCoIP protocol (for more info see also PCoIP vs. Blast). For the installation and configuration procedure the notes in the post about the 5.2 View version are still valid.

Reading Time: 4 minutes Finally the new Horizon View is now available for the download. It’s the version compatible with vSphere 5.5. To use View Storage Accelerator in a vSphere 5.5 or later environment, a desktop virtual machine must be 512GB or smaller. View Storage Accelerator is disabled on virtual machines that are larger than 512GB. Virtual machine size is defined by the total VMDK capacity. For example, one VMDK file might be 512GB or a set of VMDK files might total 512GB. This requirement also applies to virtual machines that were created in an earlier vSphere release and […]

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