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One of the big advantages of the virtual appliance version of VMware vCenter (vCSA) is the ability to update both the OS components and the VMware parts with a simple menu.

Just use the administrative UI available at https://vCSA_IP:5480 and login with user root and the password that you have chosen during the deployment.

The update is a dedicated menu:

The main issue is that it works well only if vCenter can reach the VMware repository, or only if you build an internal repository.

Theoretically, you can configure a proxy web in the network settings:

But it doesn’t work for the update: when you try to check the update available online you will get a generic “Download failed” error (both for PSC and vCenter).

The issues are present in all 6.0 and 6.5 (included U1) versions.

The solution is just to add an additional configuration in /etc/sysconfig/proxy, when you have enabled the proxy from the UI. You need to activate also the HTTPS_PROXY in this line:

# Example: HTTPS_PROXY=""

If you are using vSAN 6.6.x, please DON’T DO this changes on the vCenter (you can do on PSC), because of an existing bug (also in 6.5U1) described in this post.