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Reading Time: < 1 minute Note: VMware has removed the vRAM Entitlements concept and restriction. So this post is no more relevent! Introduced during the official announce of vSphere 5, this news in the vSphere licensing (expecially for the hosts) has been changed (the first rumor of this was mentioned here by Gabrie van Zanten). Not in the priciple (the vRAM is still the allocated vRAM of powered on VM, not the consumed vRAM) but in his value and how are counted (for example there is a max vRAM value of 96 GB for each VM): vSphere edition Previous vRAM […]

Reading Time: < 1 minute Objective 1.5 – Identify vSphere Architecture and Solutions Knowledge See also those similar posts: Objective 1.5 – Identify vSphere Architecture and Solutions and Objective 1.5 – Identify vSphere Architecture and Solutions. Identify available vSphere editions and features (some changes from vSphere 4.x) See the Compare vSphere 5.0 Kits and Compare vSphere 5.0 Editions. Explain ESXi and vCenter Server architectures (similar as vSphere 4.x) See the VMware Sphere Basic guide, the Objective 0.1 – VMware Products and also VMware Web Site. Explain Private/Public/Hybrid cloud concepts See the Objective 0.2 – Cloud Concepts. Determine appropriate vSphere edition based on […]

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