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Seems the all flash (or full flash) storage momentum: most of the storage vendor are announcing a full flash solution, in the past months. For sure means more attention (and probably more demand) of this kind of storage, considering that some years ago there were only few solutions available.

X-IO is a storage vendor with a really long term (over two decades with different names) of expertise to deliver unmatched price/performance for enterprise applications. I’ve already wrote about their history, their approach and their vision… and also why their solution are different and unique from most of the others.

Not a traditional software defined “something” or storage virtualization (or abstraction), but mostly a physical appliance designed and tuned to address the most challenging performance demands of today’s datacenters.

The X-IO’s Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) storage arrays is offered in a wide range of hard disk and flash enabled configurations and it’s quite interesting how they design the hard disk part with custom firmware and custom “box” in order to provide more performance but also more reliability, backed by a standard 5-year warranty.

Now they are increasing the expertise in the flash are and after the announce of the third generation architecture (ISE G3), now they are announcing their first all flash product: the ISE 800 Series All Flash Array that brings all the core ISE attributes to the all flash array world.

X-IO’s patented Intelligent Adaptive Flash continues to improve performance and efficiency as it enables fully automated tiering, manual data placement and performance throttling to support the specific needs of the business. When combined with X-IO’s new Quality of Service feature it enables greater operational control to provide increased efficiency.

Additionally, X-IO has provided enhanced O/S and hypervisor integration, specifically with support for VMware VASA, vSphere Web Client, vRealize Operations and OpenStack cinder driver. And the ISE Manager Suite integrates seamlessly with Citrix, Linux, Microsoft, and VMware and creates a streamlined, compatible environment in which administrators can perform tasks quickly, with a few clicks or even just one click—rather than navigating multiple screens and clicking repeatedly. ISE Manager suite eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools and interfaces and even opens the door to incredible new functionality not available from the native operating interfaces.

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