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WekaIO is a new startup (just emerged from stealth mode) with the goal to improves IT agility by delivering software-centric data storage solutions that unlock the true promise of the cloud. WekaIO has its headquarters located in San Jose, California, but the most of its engineers are in Tel Aviv, Israel.

WekaIO Matrix software is ideally suited for performance intensive workloads such as Web 2.0 application serving, financial modeling, life sciences research, media rendering, Big Data analytics, log management and government or university research.

Their storage solution is a cloud-native distributed and scalable file system that can scale  to Exabytes of data in a single namespace with high performace, for both on-premises servers and public clouds.

For private cloud, WekaIO Matrix is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-configure software-based storage solution that fluidly adapts to your environment giving you complete deployment flexibility, that can work both in hyperconverged or dedicated storage architecture.

In hyperconverged deployment, Matrix software runs as a service alongside other applications on your existing server infrastructure presenting a unified file namespace. It shares the existing Ethernet infrastructure and provides ultra low latency access to your data. Integrated tiering automatically and transparently migrates your cold data to any S3 or Swift compatible private cloud for low cost and limitless scale.

A dedicated storage server deployment is ideal when you want to maintain separate storage and compute infrastructure for isolation or large capacity scaling. In this case, a separate storage cluster based on standard, commodity hardware connects to your existing compute cluster over a standard Ethernet network.

For public cloud, is possible deploy Matrix on any AWS instance that has local SSD or NVMe storage and dramatically improve your file storage.  Take advantage of the infinite compute resources available in the cloud for massive scale.  Matrix software can run on a portion of the instances while other compute-only instances can access the shared file system.  Integrated and transparent tiering to S3 provides best cost and infinite scale.


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