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Infinit has launched its second product, a decentralized file storage platform, making it possible for IT managers to aggregate storage resources across on-premise servers and the cloud into a flexible, secure, fault-tolerant and scalable file system.

Infinit’s goal is to disrupt legacy storage solutionsusing a software-defined solution that makes the product entirely hardware agnostic, with the potential to reduce the total cost of ownership for a storage system, but also drastically reduces the setup time and complexity associated with adopting a custom storage solution.

Infinit can aggregate various storage resources including the cloud (AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, etc.), local servers, computers, network attached storage, or virtually any other device, Infinit brings complete transparency:

It can scale on demand according to your business requirements, from 1GB to petabytes and beyond and it’s designed to tolerate disk, server and even malicious failures and to automatically adapt without any human intervention.

The idea is nice and interesting to provide a truly transparent hybrid cloud storage solution, but of course will be more interesting with a great control of the data and with an easy to use interface. Actually the client it’s already integrated well, but there is too much still from the CLI and it’s still limited to a POSIX compliant filesystem.

Infinit plans to open source each layer of its file system as they become more stable and modular enough to be used in other products. The company has already begun open sourcing parts of its codebase, which can be found on their site. Infinit can be downloaded from