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Finally the vSphere Integrated Containers is now in GA (General Availability) and will be possible using vSphere to also natively run containerized workloads and not only VMs.
Because it relies on existing vSphere constructs to run containerized workloads, vSphere Integrated Containers can seamlessly leverage NSX, vSAN and the vRealize management suite out of the box.

Using constructs from the Open Container Initiative to map Docker containers to vSphere infrastructure, containers are provisioned as virtual machines, offering the same security and functionality of virtual machines in VMware ESXi hosts or VMware vCenter Server instances.

The resultant container VMs, that are provisioned on-demand, lend themselves to be managed much like any other VM in the vSphere environment.

VMware vSphere Integrated Containers is supported feature of vSphere 6.5 and is available to customers with licenses for vSphere Enterprise Plus edition, vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus edition and vCloud Suite.

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