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Past week Cohesity has announced the new release of its product and platform: Cohesity DataPlatform 4.0 and Cohesity DataProtect 4.0 expand Cohesity’s capabilities far beyond backup to bring together even more data formats and infrastructures, including object storage and network-attached storage (NAS), onto its hyperconverged platform.

In less than two years Cohesity has announced the v1, the v2, the v3 and now the v4 of Cohesity Data Platform, a product designed to consolidate all secondary storage use cases on a unified environment that helps organizations control growing data demands.

Cohesity Data Platform combines a web-scale storage architecture with standards-based hardware, in the same as there more and more HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure) solutions and platform in the primary storage world. On the top of it, the Cohesity DataProtect software provide the native backup capabilities to protect virtual machines, physical systems and applications.

Cohesity DataPlatform runs on hyperconverged nodes, available from Cohesity as the C2000 series or from partners as pre-configured x86 systems (like Cisco UCS), but there is also a DataPlatform Virtual Edition to support ROBO and Edge environments in a virtual appliance form factor and a DataPlatform Cloud Edition to protect public clouds and to enable multicloud data mobility, disaster recovery, test/dev, and analytics.

One interesting news of Cohesity 4.0 is the adoption of erasure coding for greater storage efficiency and more capacity optimization: enabling erasure coding within Cohesity’s distributed architecture provides up to 43 percent more storage capacity across enterprises’ existing cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Considering that this is a secondary storage, the space efficiency it’s very important.

Other two important news are the support of object storage and NAS storage:

  • The addition of Cohesity’s new S3 protocol consolidates object silos and simplifies storage management by bringing both object and file storage together on the same platform.
  • Also Cohesity 4.0 adds data protection for NAS systems, such as NetApp filers, to its existing coverage of virtual servers, physical servers and Pure Storage FlashArray//M.

Cohesity 4.0 will be publicly available within 90 days. For more information, visit