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Some months ago Cohesity announced the public launch of the Cohesity Data Platform, a product designed to consolidate all secondary storage use cases on a unified environment that helps organizations control growing data demands. Now they are announcing the new v2.0 of their product that expands enterprise features such as SMB protocol support, cloud archive, Site-to-Site replication and hardware-accelerated, 256-bit encryption.

The Cohesity Data Platform combines a web-scale storage architecture with standards-based hardware components that enable companies to transition from today’s expensive silos for different data use cases to a simple, pay-as-you grow solution for data management. By consolidating a wide range of functions onto a single platform, Cohesity can reduce storage costs by more than half and make enterprise data management incredibly simple. For more information on their approach see also my previous post.

Cohesity Data Platform 2.0 includes the following new features:

  • Site-to-Site Replication: Organizations can achieve enterprise-level resiliency with the new capability for site-to-site replication between Cohesity Clusters.
  • SMB Protocol: With support for SMB 3.0, growing file services for your networkattached storage in a simple manner with built-in integration for Microsoft applications
    and file services is easy.
  • Stronger Security: Hardware-accelerated AES 256-bit FIPS-compatible encryption provides greater data security to meet even the strictest privacy and protection standards for highly regulated federal, financial services, and healthcare organizations.
  • Automated VM Cloning for Test/Dev: To deliver a more streamlined test/dev workflow that repurposes backup data, automated cloning of backup VMs is now available to
    more quickly spin up zero-space clones.
  • Cloud Enabled: A newly added public cloud archival tier enables organizations to take advantage of the cost efficiencies of the cloud with the option to spill over the leastused data to Google Cloud Storage™ Nearline, Microsoft Azure and Amazon S3, Glacier, cutting on-premises storage costs.

Replication is probably one of the most required feature, at least for the data protection and data archiving purpose. Like building a backup policy, a remote replication policy is really easy and simple to build from the powerful UI:


The Cohesity Data Platform 2.0 is available at a starting price of $90,000 (USD), not really an SMB or a low cost solution, but you can use it for several different scope, user cases and data services. The appliance is not only a secondady storage solution, but a complete scale-out storage with also all the software that you may need to manage fileshares, development environments, backup, archive with built-in insight and analytics!