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VMware has released a new version of vCloud Director: this is a major release with version number 9.0. All related documentation has now been moved to VMware Docs website:

So vCloud Director is still alive and still the first (and actually only) choice, using VMware products, for service providers. Actually vRA is not yet able to replace it in this special use case.

New features in tenant context:

  • HTML 5 user interface which provides simplified VM deployment workflows (no vApp needed), is customizable and also provides VM Metrics (those coming from Cassandra DB)
  • Networking enhancements: NSX Distributed routing with up to 1000 east-west routing optimized Org VDC networks per Org VDC Edge Gateway, security groups and tags for distributed firewall policies, VLAN tagging for VXLAN based Org VDC networks for Virtual Guest Tagging
  • vMotion of VM between vApps in the same Org VDC

New features in tenant context with provider support:

  • Multisite – multiple vCloud Director instances can be federated with association of individual organizations
  • VLAN trunk support for vCloud Director external networks

New features in provider context:

  • Manual VXLAN network pool creation
  • Designating specific Provider VDC resource pool/cluster for dedicated Edge GW placement
  • PostgreSQL DB support for vCloud Director database including migration from MS SQL/Oracle and high availability
  • Securing vCloud Director database communication with encryption
  • Per tenant storage migration workflows for storage array lifecycle
  • VM metric database simplification (no KairosDB needed anymore, just pure Cassandra)
  • vVOL support
  • Enhanced support for vCenter Server HW/Guest operating systems
  • vSphere 5.5 is no longer supported

For more information and details on new feature see also those great blog posts: