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StorMagic is a software-defined storage company enabling hyper-converged infrastructure for two nodes configuration and SMB, using its software based product StorMagic SvSAN, that support VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V platforms.

But StorMagic has also some interesting validated architecture and partnership with some vendors (for example Cisco). And the StorMagic Dell EMC® HCI Appliances represent an engineered solution powered by StorMagic SvSAN software and Dell EMC PowerEdge servers.

There are two different types of appliances:

Based on industry-leading servers from Dell EMC® in combination with StorMagic’s simple, cost-effective and flexible virtual SAN software (SvSAN), these appliances make the adoption of the technology more affordable for SMEs and remote office/branch office environments where small budgets and lack of IT resource are a growing challenge.

These appliances will initially be available in the UK only through StorMagic’s UK distribution partner, Exertis, and our partner network. The starting price for a two node HCI 640 appliance is £15,500 MSRP with the two node HCI 740 appliance retailing for £24,500 MSRP. Upgrade options are available to increase performance and capacity as needed.