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Red Hat has announced that it has acquired NooBaa, an early stage company developing software for managing data storage services across hybrid and multicloud environments.

The addition of NooBaa’s data management technology augments Red Hat’s existing portfolio of hybrid cloud offerings and helps advance Red Hat’s position as a leading provider of open hybrid cloud technologies.

NooBaa was founded in 2013 to address the need for greater visibility and control over unstructured data spread throughout these distributed environments. To achieve this, the company developed a data platform designed to serve as an abstraction layer over existing storage infrastructure. This abstraction not only enables data portability from one cloud to another, but allows users to manage data stored in multiple locations as a single, coherent data set that an application can interact with.

NooBaa can consume data from AWS S3, Microsoft Azure Blobs, Google Storage or any AWS S3 compatible storage Private Cloud.

NooBaa’s technologies complement and enhance Red Hat’s portfolio of hybrid cloud technologies, including Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, Red Hat OpenShift Container Storage and Red Hat Ceph Storage. Together, these technologies are designed to provide users with a set of powerful, consistent and cohesive capabilities for managing application, compute, storage and data resources across public and private infrastructures.

After the big announce that IBM is acquiring Red Hat this move confirm that the “new Red Hat” (or we have to say Blue Hat?) will become a cloud centric company. Not only Open Source, but now also Open Cloud?

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