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Linus Torvalds announced today the release and general availability of Linux kernel 6.8, the latest stable version of the Linux kernel that introduces several new features and improvements.

This will be the last mainline kernel to have less than ten million git objects (there are 9.996 million objects overall!).

Highlights of Linux kernel 6.8 new features:

  • LAM (Linear Address Masking) virtualization and guest-first memory support for KVM
  • a basic online filesystem check and repair mechanism for the Bcachefs file system introduced in Linux kernel 6.7
  • support for the Broadcom BCM2712 processor in Raspberry Pi 5
  • AMD ACPI-based Wi-Fi band RFI mitigation feature (WBRF),
  • zswap writeback disabling, fscrypt support for CephFS
  • a new Intel Xe DRM driver
  • a multi-size THP (Transparent Huge Pages) sysfs interface
  • support for the SMB file system to create block and character special files
  • adds various networking optimizations for better cache efficiency
  • adds host-side support for Intel’s Trust Domain Extensions (TDX)

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