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Leil Logo

Reading Time: 4 minutes Leil Storage is modern storage designed for backup and archival data. Leil is an Estonian company with the headquarter in Tallin. With their solution, they are trying hard to revitalize, redo, and right many wrongs around the concept of backup and archival storage.

Reading Time: 2 minutes MAID (Massive Array of Idle Disks) is a new storage technology for long-term, online storage of persistent data that takes advantage of a newer generation of SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) disk drives that are designed to be powered on and off and improve energy efficiency. This allows denser packaging of drives in large-scale disk storage systems since only 25% of disks are spinning at any one time. MAID provides for the power management of disks drives, thus creating a new service level for retaining and accessing “archive/persistent” data.

LTO Tapes

Reading Time: 4 minutes More than 10 years ago, I wrote a blog post with the question is backup to tape dead? The answer was no, but what about tapes usage now, on 2024? Data has grow and the demand of solution to manage cold data also. For this reason there is a high investment in cold data storage solution and tape is still relevant also today!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Pure Storage sees strong customer adoption of its Evergreen Subscription Services, surpassing $1B in ARR for the first time. Pure Storage announced continued growth of its subscription service offerings, including its Evergreen® portfolio, in addition to a new energy efficiency service level agreement (SLA) for Evergreen//One™. The introduction of the new SLA represents the first and only energy efficiency guarantee in the enterprise storage as a service market, and supports Pure Storage’s mission to provide customers with the most sustainable storage technology to meet their goals.

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