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Reading Time: 2 minutes With vSphere 5, the VMware HA part has been completely change on the implementation part, but the nice aspect is that it seems still the change on the user part (this is a good example on how improve in a painlessly way). In vSphere 5.0 the new HA agent is “FDM” (Fault Domain Manager) and replace the old AAM agent (from EMC Legato). But not only the agent has changed: The old Primary / Secondary node concept has been replaced by a new and more simple Master/Slave node concept A new Datastore Heartbeat function as […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes With the new HA implemenation, something has changed also in the advanced options with new parameters, but also with some that now are no more available. For a list see Supported vSphere 5.0 Advanced Options. One options that has been removed “das.failuredetectiontime”. The reason is well explained in Duncan’s HA Deep Dive: I know many of you used this advanced setting to tweak when the host would trigger the isolation response, that is no longer possible and needed to be honest. If you’ve closely read my other articles you hopefully picked up on the datastore […]

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