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With this first post, I will start a collection of link and notes about the VCP5 exam prep. I will use the official blueprint (the actual version is 1.2, and is still related to the beta exam, but probably it will remain the same).

Let’s start from the part that is not included in the blueprint (something is in objective 1.5): the VMware products and solutions overview and some concepts about cloud computing.

Section 0 – VMware Vision (not included in the blueprint, but required)

Objective 0.1 – VMware Products

This part is really simple and I’ve listed only some products (but probably the most important). Apart vSphere (where of course a complete knowledge is required), just an idea of product purpose could be enough.

Objective 0.2 – Cloud Concepts

This part it’s not obvious… Apart the definition and difference between private, hybrid and public cloud (as written in objective 1.5) it’s also needed a knowledge of the type of services.