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I would like to add some more notes  to my previous list for who will attend at VMworld Europe at Copenhagen:

  • Sessions: unlike other people I’ve chose to do not publish sessions that I attend and to not promote any particular sessions. It’s too subjective the choice, and what I can like does not mean that must like also to other people… Also I think that who attend at VMworld is smart enough to choose his sessions :)
    But remember to share your option on each sessions (note that, for Twitter, there is a specific hashtag for each session).
  • vBeers: see this post… and of course check on
  • Eat at VMworld: for people with special dietary requirements (submitted during registration) there is a specific area: Pre Ordered and Special Diets Catering Point (number 11) in Hall E.
    PS: but in most cases (for example for vegetarians and vegan) you can simple read the recipients and choose what to want (the lunch are served as self-service)….
  • Eat in the city: Copenhagen is quite expensive, but you can find some good place where eat with a medium budget. IMHO the downtown area near the city hall could be good.
    There are also some kiosks that seem good and have also warm food.
  • Transport: it’s confirmed that, as the last year, there is a free pass for local transport, included in the VMworld pass.
    The subway maybe is limited (only two lines), but is good enough to connect the Bella Center (there is a station with this name), with the airport and also with the downtown.
    Another option is use the train called ‘S-tog’ that connect the Bella Center (the station is more far than the subway station, but can be reach by a shot walk) with the central station.
    PS: there is also a free bus (only on Sun and and Mon) to connect from the airport to the Bella Center, just outside the airport.
  • Currency: there is a local currency, but credit cards are accepted in most places… and sometime also Euro currency (I don’t know if kiosk accept also US Dollars).