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The third day was also the first official one: there are two different track at DellSF12, one for the partner (starting from Monday) and one for the customer (starting from Wednesday).

The day program opens (8:00-9:00) with a plenary session from Darren Thomas (VP & GM of Dell Storage) and Phil Soran (President of Dell Compellent) that introduce the “Fluid by Design” approach of Dell storage solutions.

The fluid properties of keep the same level if you rotate the container or adapt if you change the form or streck the container can match the capacity of Dell storage to keep good service level and adapt itself. Was interesting have an entire session without the term cloud or virtualization (or at least without a huge usage of this terms).

The rest of the day was with parallel sessions (really more than previous days) and I’ve followed the Equallogic track that was really interesting (particular the Ethernet design track) with a look at the NDA session about the new Fluid File System (the Exanet port to have a NAS gateway for all the Dell block storage).

The evening event was in an amazing location (Tower of London) and still was a good way to close a full intensive day. There were several ice-sculptures, with the biggest one at the entrance that represent the Towers Bridge (used also, in the morning general session, as an example of Fluid by Design architecture).