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Today was the last day of the second European Dell Storage Forum. Lot of interesting announcements at this event (and I suppose more also next month at Dell World).

Next weeks I will write a report of those days. Actually you can read something from those links:

And what next?

Next US edition will be the one at San José, Jun 4-6 2013.

About the EMEA one, next year there will be an European Dell Storage Forum (the idea is to make one each year and this edition was like a “2013” edition).

So the next one (in Europe) will be on 2014, from 14 to 16 January in Frankfurt (Germany)… I suppose that maybe will be same location of Powering The Cloud event, or somewhere near the Frankfurt Messe. On the registration page there are also the information about the location: Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel and Conference Center – Hugo-Eckener- Rick 15.