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This was another exam where I’ve lose the opportunity to try during the beta due to the lack of available time. But during the last VMworld EU I’ve plan to take it, considering that I require few time (for the exam) e was also with a good discount!

The blueprint version 2.21 is still based on vCloud 1.5 (funny considering that the VCP5-Cloud exam is based on vCloud 5.1), so just remember to be prepared on the previous product (there is also a free self-paced course on vCloud Director 1.5)! When I took the exam there was the blueprint version 1.2, but was mainly the same, without big changes.

Exam score is after the exam, like other exams (except beta and VCAP-Admin series). As usual, the transcript update needs more time (some weeks) but the exam date remain fixed:


As you can notice by passing the VCP5-IaaS you got the VCP-Cloud certification, exactly as passing the VCP-Cloud exam. The difference is only the requiments and is explained on the VMware Community: for VCP-IaaS you must be already a VCP-DV!

The IaaS Exam consists of 85 questions and a short pre-exam survey consisting of 8 questions. Type of questions are really similar (as difficult level) as usual VCP-* exams.

The time limit for the exam is 90 minutes, with an additional 15 minutes to complete the survey questions and agreements. Candidates who take the IaaS Exam in a country where English is not a primary language will have an additional 30 minutes added to the exam time. This time extension is automatic, no additional action is required from the candidate. For the purposes of this exam, countries where English is considered one of the primary languages include Australia, New Zealand, Belize, South Africa, Bermuda, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Ireland. Time is usually quite enough: 1 minute per question (considering that text isn’t too long) for closed choice answers is fine.

For people that use vCloud Director, vShield, Chargeback, vCloud Connector, … each day is probably really simple. For me was not too much difficult, but complex rather that the VCP-DV or VCP-DT (I’ve more practice on View rather that those tools). Anyway the exam has some mnemonic parts, some that need to know the interface (but not too much detailed), an a lot of basic concepts on virtual datacenters.

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