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Reading Time: 5 minutes During the first European Tech Field Day Extra (at VMworld EU in Barcelona) one of the companies with the more technical presentation was Diablo Technologies. This company was founded in 2003 and they’re working on Memory Channel Storage (MCS) which is a very high performance host flash solution. There where Jerome McFarland (Principal Product Marketer, Diablo Technologies), Daniel Beveridge (Senior End User Computing Architect, VMware), Ricky Trigalo (Director Virtualization Solution Architecture, Diablo Technologies) to explain this kind of solution and how apply in virtualized environments.

Reading Time: < 1 minute Also this year I’m attending at the Powering the Cloud event (this was the report of past event). I’ve also written about the reasons to attend at this event, that remain almost the same each year. For sure it’s one of the most valuable events in Europe (after VMworld EU) and in Germany (there is also the CeBIT event, but has different target) and this year it also share the space and timing with the Data Centre World event.

Reading Time: 1 minute Some months after the announce of the version 4 of their product, NAKIVO Inc. has released the new NAKIVO Backup & Replication v5. This product is going to fill the features gap with other products introducing the Flash VM Boot feature that provides the ability to run VMware VMs directly from compressed and deduplicated VM backups, without recovering the entire VMs first. The backup from which the VM is started remains unchanged to preserve the integrity of the data.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Zerto provides enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions for virtualized infrastructure and cloud. Zerto Virtual Replication was one of the first hypervisor-based replication and recovery solution for VMware and they have over 700 customers and 150 cloud service providers. Now, at the TechEd Europe event, they are announcing Zerto Virtual Replication for Microsoft Hyper-V.

Reading Time: 2 minutes Serveral months ago VMware has introduced a Recertification Policy on the VCP certifications (as already discussed in this post). There are different options to renew your certificate, but for most VCP5-DCVs will need to renew their VCP5-DCV credential prior to March 10, 2015 (be sure to check on your myLearn transcript your deadline, some weeks ago has been updated for all). Specifically if you were not looking to expand to other solution tracks or advance to the VCAP level there is a streamlined exam that offers a quicker route to recertification for current VCP5-DCV holders.

Reading Time: < 1 minute During the last Tech Field Day extra at VMworld Europe after the first day there was an interesting roundtable discussion between the delegates. The topic was about hyper-convergence systems that was one of the hot themes during the VMworld, considering also the VMware announces. Of course EVO:RAIL was one of the main points, but not only and there were lot of interesting considerations.

Reading Time: 5 minutes During the first European Tech Field Day Extra (at VMworld EU in Barcelona) one of the companies was Veeam with an interesting session. Veeam does not need any introduction because it’s well know both in the data protection world and in the virtualization ecosystem. There were Doug Hazelman (VP or Product Strategy and Chief Evangelist at Veeam Software), Rick Vanover (Product Strategy Specialist and Community Manager at Veeam Software) and Luca Dell’Oca (EMEA Evangelist at Veeam). Of course one of the session’s topic was about the Veeam Availability Suite, but the main theme was how Veeam solves […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes Using VMware Workstation 10 on Windows 8.1 I’ve got a strange issue on mouse handling the mouse with strange behaview, like delayed click, area selection (when not required), click on the wrong points, … making the Workstation console completly unusable. Keyboard was working fine in the console and also the mouse in the host OS or in the guest OS when connected with RDP. The issue was not related on the type of the guest OS (same issue on Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Server 2012 R2) and was not related to Workstation Patches […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes In VMware strategy, Cloud Management is the control plane for the Software-Defined Data Center and the Hybrid Cloud and, of course, is one strategical aspect for both pillars. The next step in the VMware cloud management evolution must addressing evolving needs of SDDC and Hybrid Cloud customers: Deliver cloud services with the cost and agility their consumers expect from cloud Enable converging of IT Silos (Storage, Network, App MW, Security, Ops) Deliver unified management across Private, Public and Hybrid with flexible consumption models

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are already lots of information about VMware vSphere 6.0 (actually in beta) but one big change has not be publicized so much: starting in December with the next ESXi Update release, TPS (Transparent Page Sharing) among virtual machines will no longer be enabled by default and this will not only be applied to next release, but also on current releases. This actually does not mean that will be not be available (at least not in the short period), but is another historical piece that will be not used by default, like the vSphere Client (first […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes The VMworld EU 2014 has finished today Thu 16 October. As usually most of the activities close in the early afternoon (or also in the morning), making the last day the weakest one. At least certifications and some activities are still running for the rest of the day. And this year, there will be also the Tech Field Day Extra in the afternoon. In the next post I will provide a report of all my meetings and the Tech Field Day sessions!

Reading Time: 2 minutes VMware vRealize Operations 6.2 is the new name of the vCloud Automation Center product that will be now part of the new vRealize suite. But will be not only a barely renaming of an existing product, instead it will be a completely new version with several interesting improvements and enhancements. Of course, there will be a tight integration between vRealize Operations and Automation (like in health status displays and reclaims inactive VMs) but also lot of enhancements in usage (more ease of use) and supportability and an admin Friendly CLI (to simplify scripting of vRealize Automation […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes VMware vRealize Operations 6.0 is the new name of the vCenter Operations 5.x family and will be part of the new vRealize suite. But will be not only a barely renaming of an existing product, instead it will be a completely new version with lot of important improvements. The VMware vCenter Operations Manager Suite was a powerful collection of products for help in monitoring and management tasks in a virtual (and not only) environment. Actually it was also included in some vSphere 5.5 bundle and there is the foundation edition available for free with each vSphere.

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