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Maxta, a storage company that provide hyper-converged solutions, announced MxInsight and MxCloudConnect, confirming a recent trend both in the analytics applied to the storage and also in the cloud based management solutions available as SaaS.

Other vendors (not only in the storage area, see for example Meraki in the network area with a real unique management solution) are moving in one or both of this directions. Of course those aspects are not related to the core technology (for Maxta the hyper-converged storage), but on the services that you can have in order to simplify the IT management.

MxInsight includes historical reporting, enhanced policy management, and comprehensive storage quality of service (QoS) management for all Maxta MxSP and MaxDepl solutions.

The main capabilities of MxInsight are:

  • Granular and enhanced insight into performance and capacity utilization of Maxta resources in real time as well as historical reporting. This capability provides easy and simple performance and capacity planning for data centers leveraging Maxta.
  • VM-level policies and storage QoS enabling customers to set policies such as replication factors, data rebuild priority, and compute/storage affinity at the VM-level, delivering simple and efficient IT management.
  • Localization: Maxta now provides full support for all major languages, demonstrating our commitment to an expanding global community of users and installations Worldwide.


MxCloudConnect is a cloud based call-home capability, enables proactive maintenance further automating and simplifying IT and storage management.

Also, coinciding with the Vancouver, B.C. OpenStack Summit, Maxta announced support for Kilo, the latest OpenStack release.  Maxta has developed both Nova and Cinder drivers for OpenStack with full integration and leverage of new Kilo features.  Maxta OpenStack Kilo support provides greater scalability and a full suite of enterprise-class data and high availability services.


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