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I’m very proud and honored to be invited at the 13rd edition of Tech Field Day (#TFD13) that will be in Austin the first week of February (February 1–3, 2017). After some Virtualization Field Day, one Data Field Day and some Tech Field Day Extra, I’m back for the first time in Austin and for the first time at a Tech Field Day (TFD) event format.

The TFD event format replaced the Virtualization Field Day (VFD) event format more than one year ago (maybe because the buzzword virtualization is no more attractive). But to be honest first editions of VFD where just called Tech Field Day, so it’s just a return to the origin.

Anyway I’m very excited for this event, also because I will see again some friends (and I will also know new people, matching the Twitter handle with their faces) but also because the presenting list is very cool and interesting:

  • Platform9 with their cool SaaS management platform for hybrid cloud and container orchestration. I’ve write about them several times and will be interesting see what will be covered during this event (I guess will be something more about container and OpenStack).
  • Robin Systems is something almost new for me and I’m really interested to learn more on how they can virtualize databases and big data with bare-metal and containers
  • Solarwinds has a lot of powerful tools useful for system and network admins and also one big and cool community (thwack). I’m curious to see which topic will be covered in this event.
  • StorMagic has a great SDS and hyperconverged solution for SMB and ROBO scenarios (and also hybrid flash support in SvSAN 6). Maybe we will hear more about v6 or on new partnerships.
  • Uila is another new company (for me) in the monitoring area and I’m curious to see their position and differentiation with other product in this area (the root cause analysis seems very good and valuable, in my opinion).
  • Veeam is a well know company that does not need presentation. I guess we will learn more about the v10 release but also on the new strategy and vision.
  • ZeroStack is a management solution to get private cloud as a service using an on-premises cloud managed by ZeroStack with cloud-based monitoring & operations.

So a rich agenda and good products (where the technical level could be very deep) for a three day really intensive.

As usual, for people that are not delegates at this event, will be possible follow the event live (in video streming from the site and also with twitter and hashtag #TFD13) or later with all the sessions recored and available on-line.