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In just one month, after 10 years of service Exchange Server 2007 reaches the end of its support lifecycle.

Microsoft suggest customers who are using Exchange Server 2007 for any of their email and calendar services should begin planning to move the associated mailbox data and resources to Office 365 or update their infrastructure to a newer version of Exchange, such as Exchange Server 2016.

Exchange Server 2007 customers who want to use this opportunity to migrate their email and calendar infrastructure to Office 365 can take advantage of Microsoft FastTrack, a service for planning and migrating to Office 365, a benefit available to Office 365 customers with as few as 50 seats.

Exchange Server 2007 marked the start of the transition to building Exchange Server on the .Net Framework, but now it is an old software with old technologies, CCR cluster seems so antiquated when compared to a Database availability group (DAG). And the lack of security patches will be a huge risk for a email system.

Here are links which you may find helpful to start planning your migration off of Exchange Server 2007 and be on your way to experiencing the latest capabilities of Exchange Server: