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Some months ago I wrote a post on some possible replacement for PernixData FVP because In August 2016 Nutanix acquite PernixData but without give a clear message of the future of this product (neither during the last .NEXT event in Vienna).

Finally I was able to talk with some Nutanix people from the PernixData division and I clarify some concerns about this acquisition.

My concerns (and not only mine, but also from existing Pernix customers) were:

  • There will be new releases? For example to support VMware vSphere 6.5?
  • Is the product still supported?
  • Customers can extend the existing support contract?
  • Customers can add new licencenses?

The official answers where that PernixData products are still fully supported and are continuing to be maintained for full vSphere compatibility. There isn’t a clear timeline (unfortunately), but they assured  me that vSphere 6.5 support will also be available. For reference, as of this writing, the most current release is, but there will new releases of this product and this sound great, also because vSphere 6.5 is growing.

The legacy PernixData support portal han been migrated to Nutanix, for this reason the PernixData site seem “dead”. It’s strange, but I’ve not receive a communication of this move (I’ve got an account on Pernix portal), but at least there is landing page in the old site to notify this change.

Existing support contracts can be extended, but also, for existing customers, both Architect and FVP are still available for purchase (contact your Nutanix account team or email [email protected].) in order to protect existing investmers. Some organizations may need to further utilize existing infrastructure investments within current budget cycles.

And finally seems that also that the communication “issue” (the initial lack of a clear communication) has been solved: existing Pernix customers should receive a clear communication about the status and the future of the product, and there is also a clear page on Nutanix site (although the support link points still on the old Pernix page).