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The Dell Technologies World 2019 event is finished and it’s time to make a recap of what’s happened.

You can start watching the three general sessions, available online with also a full transcript. There are some really important informations not only about the products, but also about the vision. Also there are different interviews available to learn more.

What you can really notice this year, is that the event is no more only (or mostly) Dell and/or EMC, but really related to the Dell Technologies world of products, solutions and companies, that includes: Dell, the new DellEMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, VirtuStream, VMware.


One of the first big news, in fact, was not related to DellEMC, but more between VMware and Microsoft with the Azure VMware Solutions, but also with DellEMC with all the workspace digital transformation.

Dell Technologies and Microsoft announced they are expanding their partnership to address a wider range of customer needs and help accelerate digital transformations. Through this collaboration, the companies will deliver a fully native, supported, and certified VMware cloud infrastructure on Microsoft Azure. Additionally, joint Microsoft 365 and VMware Workspace ONE customers will be able to manage Office 365 across devices via cloud-based integration with Microsoft Intune and Azure Active Directory. VMware will also extend the capabilities of Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop leveraging VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure.

What is interesting is that Azure VMware Solutions are first-party services from Microsoft developed in collaboration with VMware Cloud Verified partners like CloudSimple and Virtustream (note that this latest one is a Dell Technologies company).

To learn more about this announce see: The Power of Three. VMware Partners with Microsoft and Dell Technologies to Advance Digital Workspace.

Of course it’s not about this news, but this was quite interesting.

Interesting also the announce related to the storage portfolio, that remain still wide with some overlap… but it’s a way to protect existing customer’s investments. You can still have multiple products, but at least your have more and more convergence with a common management.

And finally it become more clear the future of the storage portolio: one year ago was clear the PowerMax is the high end product, with also a good candidate for the low end, introducing the new PowerVault ME storage.

Now has been introduced the mid-range storage candidate, the new Dell EMC Unity XT

Dell EMC Unity originally launched almost three years ago and thousands of customers have embraced this midrange solution for its simplicity, performance, and affordability – in fact, we have now sold over 40,000 systems. This unique system consolidates data capital across block, file and VMware workloads onto a single solution and has a well-deserved reputation for operational simplicity. CloudIQ adds additional storage monitoring and analytics – putting infrastructure insight in the palm of your hand.

The Dell EMC Unity XT Series is next-generation of Dell EMC Unity and a new step to the newstorage for the mid-range area, taking the best-in-class solution to a new level including drastically improved performance, greater efficiency, and new capabilities and services designed for a multi-cloud world.

And also the cloud vision become more clear… not only cloud, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud, but a complete path from Edge to Core to Cloud

About other announces, see also those pages:

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And what’s next? Now will start the Dell Technologies Forum local events, one event in each of the main US and non US town.

See the full agenda at this page.

And the next Dell Technologies World?

Dell Technologies World 2020

The next Dell Technologies World event will be (again) at The Venetial, but now with a one week shift, in May from the 4th to 7th!

You can already sign-up to stay tuned.