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Nexsan is celebrating 25 years of delivering storage solutions enterprises trust for their most critical data needs, backed by the innovation and reliability that has made the company a trusted leader in the industry.

It’s not usual see storage companies that has a so long history and still are playing an important roles today.

Founded in 1999, Nexsan has consistently delivered high-performance and scalable storage technologies tailored to meet global organizations’ complex and evolving needs. The company’s storage solutions are expertly designed to support a multitude of applications from healthcare to digital surveillance, ensuring secure, efficient data management and recovery in various demanding environments. These solutions are then delivered to customers through a worldwide partner program comprised of solution providers, technology partners and OEMs, all working together to ensure business-critical data remains a protected and available resource.

Nexsan systems meet the ongoing need to maintain large data stores in on-premises storage hardware—a need that persists despite the advent of cloud computing, and now grows more pressing as organizations face inflated cloud costs. Nexsan channel partners excel at developing systems that address essential functions like high-performance data vaults, bulletproof backup and archive, cybersecurity and digital video.

Among the key milestones achieved in the past quarter century are:

  • Company founded in Derby, UK (1999)
  • Nexsan pioneers cost-efficient storage with the ATA RAID system (2001)
  • Delivers high-density storage with ATABeast (2004)
  • Launches SATABeast (2005)
  • Debuts Assureon® (2006)
  • Advances green storage with AUTOMAID® (2007)
  • Launches E-Series; industry’s most highly efficient storage, with active drawer technology (2010)
  • Reaches milestone of more than 33,000 systems installed (2012)
  • Doubles the performance of E-Series with introduction of E-Series P (2016)
  • Unifies hybrid storage with the launch of Unity™ (2016)
  • Develops Unity flash systems and Unity Active Archive (now Unbreakable Backup) (2017)
  • Launches BEAST ELITE (2020)
  • Creates Unity NV10000; NVMe all-flash platform (2022)
  • Serene Investment Management acquires Nexsan (2023)
  • More than 2,600 systems with over 624 PB actively deployed and under maintenance (2023)
  • Nexsan expands sales, marketing and engineering efforts to achieve growth in sales and profitability (2023)