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As I’ve written in a previous post, Dell has recently released the new versions of some Equallogic’s software, included the new Host Integration Tools (HIT) for VMware 3.1 that is now compatible with vSphere 5 (it support also the Storage Clusters and VASA). The appliance and the documentation are available from the Equallogic support site. HIT/VE is distributed as a OVA file (the current version is HITVE- and the deploy is the same as other virtual appliance. The VM it’s based on a CentOS 5.3 distro and it’s configured with virtual hardware 7 (so it […]

With ESX/ESXi is possible have several information from the physical hardware (with CIM) and this could be enough in most cases, especially for monitoring (with hardware health) and to gain some inventory info (like the Service Tag of a server). But for some specific tasks (like a RAID rebuild o check of the local storage, or have a detailed inventory of the physical RAM banks) is necessary use the specific native tool from the hardware vendor. For Dell servers, the tool is called OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) and the current version is 6.5. It is […]

For a list of all objectives see the VCP5 page. Objective 6.2 – Perform Basic vSphere Network Troubleshooting Verify network configuration (same as vSphere 4.x) See VMware Virtual Networking Concepts for basic concepts for standard virtual switches. See Objective 2.2 – Configure vNetwork Distributed Switches for distributed virtual switches. Verify a given virtual machine is configured with the correct network resources (same as vSphere 4.x) See VMware KB: Troubleshooting virtual machine network connection issues and Troubleshoot virtual switch and port group configuration issues (same as vSphere 4.x) Use previous links. For vmkernel porgroup vmkping […]

For a list of all objectives see the VCP5 page. Objective 6.1 – Perform Basic Troubleshooting for ESXi Hosts Identify general ESXi host troubleshooting guidelines (new in vSphere 5) See the vSphere Troubleshooting guide. Troubleshoot common installation issues (new in vSphere 5) For Audodeply see the vSphere Troubleshooting guide (page 20). For other installation is most similar to old version and remember to check requiments and HCL. Monitor ESXi system health (similar as vSphere 4.x) See the vSphere Monitoring and Performance Guide (page 25). Export diagnostic information (new in vSphere 5) See the vCenter Server and Host Management […]

For a list of all objectives see the VCP5 page. Objective 5.6 – Patch and Update ESXi and Virtual Machines See also: Objective 5.6 – Patch and Update ESXi and Virtual Machines. Identify patching requirements for ESXi hosts and virtual machine hardware/tools (similar as vSphere 4.x) Each piece of software need to be patched for different reasons… but the most important are usually the security reasons. For ESXi a patch need that the host is put in maintenance mode and require a host reboot after the patch operation. All those operations can be orchestrated by […]

At the BUILD developer conference during this week, Microsoft demonstrated the new version of Windows products (and some related products, like Hyper-V and PowerShell). It is not clear if both the client and the server OS will be released at the same time (rumors say during 2012) and if they have also the same name. But I suppose that the Server OS will use the same naming of previous (so maybe Windows Server 2012?). Windows (client) 8 One curios thing is that Windows 7 and 8 are not related to their NT kernel versions: Windows […]

Veeam has start a free community educational resource site:  Backup Academy. This site provides training on basic principles of virtualization and data protection. These basic principles are presented in a product-neutral fashion, meaning that there are no specific backup products mentioned. The only time specific products are mentioned is when the hypervisors (VMware ESXi, Hyper-V) are mentioned, as well as specific guest operating systems and applications that we need to protect as IT professionals. See the official announce: Backup Academy: Free data protection training & certification for virtualization. I’ve not tried yet the course part […]

View 5 is now official available (included the new Workstation 8 in the Premier edition), al also other VMware products: Download VMware View (build 481677) Download VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5 Download VMware Workstation 8 Download VMware Fusion 4 And also the documentation has been update: View 5 Documentation VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager Documentation VMware Workstation Documentation VMware Fusion Documentation

Dell Equallogic has recently released new versions of some software. Note that those release are Early Production Access (EPA) version. Early Production Access software is fully supported for production use, but customers should read the documentation and plan an upgrade in keeping with their organization’s business practices. SAN HeadQuarters V2.2 Required firmware: V3.3.1 or later This version of SANHQ adds the following functionality: 95th Percentile Reporting Support for Multiple Server Connections Live View Group Diagnostics Report RAID Evaluator (provably the most interesting feature, because can be used as a good capacity estimator) Support for PS […]

For a list of all objectives see the VCP5 page. Objective 5.5 – Backup and Restore Virtual Machines See also: Objective 5.5 – Backup and Restore Virtual Machines and Objective 5.5 – Backup and Restore Virtual Machines. Identify snapshot requirements (similar as vSphere 4.x) See the vSphere Virtual Machine Administration Guide (page 208) and VMware KB: Understanding virtual machine snapshots in VMware. Note that snapshots provide a point-in-time image of the disk that backup solutions can use, but Snapshots are not meant to be a robust method of backup and recovery. If the files containing a […]

For a list of all objectives see the VCP5 page. Objective 5.4 – Migrate Virtual Machines See also: Objective 5.4 – Migrate Virtual Machines and Objective 5.4 – Migrate Virtual Machines. Identify ESXi host and virtual machine requirements for vMotion and Storage vMotion (same as vSphere 4.x) See the vSphere Virtual Machine Administration guide (page 219) and vCenter Server and Host Management guide (page 119 and 122). Some basic requiments: for vMotion a specific vmkernel interface (enabled for vMotion) is required, as the CPU compatibility (or EVC). For Storage vMotion the host must see both […]

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