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Reading Time: 5 minutes During the VMworld US 2018, one of the announces was the VMware ESXi for ARM porting, specific for the embedded and edge IoT systems, so not like a general purpose solution for all ARM servers (but an interesting move to increase the possibility for bringing the virtualization on ARM). VMware demonstrated ESXi on 64-bit ARM running on ARM hardware built to common industry standards; note that VMware demonstrates not just virtualization, but also resilient operations and ease of management at the Edge, via FT-protected 64-bit Arm VMs and vMotion in a high-availability DRS cluster…

Reading Time: 4 minutes Four years ago I’ve written a post about the Virtualization with ARM based servers when some vendors announce the possibility to have new server’s series based on the ARM processor. Now seems that there are more than rumors with the announce, during the latest VMworld US 2018, of VMware vSphere for ARM. To be honest, not exactly vSphere, but just ESXi… anyway an interesting announce. But to be clear, limited to embedded and edge IoT systems, so not like a general purpose solution for ARM servers.

Reading Time: 2 minutes During the past months I’ve seen some posts and tweets enthusiastic on the a possible introduction of new server’s series based on ARM processor, with some considerations on how they could change the actual scenarios, for example in the virtual infrastructures. But I have really some doubts in the server scenarios or at least in the virtualization user case: first to all we have to notice that most of the hypervisor are designed for the Intel/AMD server. Actually VMware vSphere (but also Microsoft Hyper-V) is working only with Intel/AMD x64 platform in order to provide […]

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