Compared to vExpert 2015 announce, this year VMware is really sharp and today they have announced the vExpert 2016 list for the first half of the year. Also this time I’ve been confirmed as a vExpert.

The list is available on this VMware blog site: vExpert 2016 Award Announcement.

Note that also this year, like the 2015, the vExpert program as slightly change again  with one application every six months… So new people will be announced in the second half of this year.

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In the new v6 certification path the VCP6 level was almost complete, but the new VCIX level was not yet available (except for the VCIX-NV). One months ago VMware has announced that VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6 (VCAP6) will be back, as a intermediate path to the VCIX certification (except again for the NV path).

Finally first VCAP6 beta exams are available: the following exams are now open for public registration, with first exam appointments beginning on February 15.

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Interesting European IT events:

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Sharing a USB device across the network could be useful in several user cases, but virtualization is one of them: also if you can connect a physical USB device in VMware vSphere (since version 4.1), this give some limits in cluster features like HA.

Also other virtualization product does not have similar features (in Hyper-V, for example, it will add only in the next release), so usually external box are used to convert your local USB devices in a client – server approach.

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Some months Rubrik announced the release of version 2.0 of Rubrik Converged Data Management to deliver complete data protection and rich data services at a global scale (see also my previous post).

The idea is quite simple but disruptive: reinvent the backup models in order to eliminate backup software by integrating data protection, instant recovery, and DevOps infrastructure into a single scale-out product!

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Storage is a cool topic, but in most cases we just see software product on commodity hardware, that it’s fine: you push all the tecnology in the software layer (using the SDS approach), but sometimes it’s nice think about at some low level improvement or innovation.

This is the case of outpace.IO, a technology manufacturing company that want to continue customer success with AoE (ATA over Ethernet) technology- The company is based in the United States with the headquartered in Georgia and a technical and operational office in Paris, France.

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OpenIO is a startup founded in 2015 by a team of 7 co-founders, experts in mail and data infrastructures. The headquarter is located in Lille, France, and there is also an OpenIO office in San Francisco.

They start with the need to to store huge amounts of relatively small files produced by end-users like emails, eventually using a large storage capacity, but always accessed with the lowest latency. Also, there was the need for maximum availability as Service Level Agreements were stricts for these critical end-user services. Object storage can be a solution for the capacity and scaling point of view, but lacks of performance.

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Mangstor Inc is a storage company founded on 2012 and based at Austin (TX) with a deep expertise in storage and networking, especially in NVMe Flash Storage Solutions to accelerate application workloads in web-scale and enterprise data centers.

They have an interesting storage appliance: the NX-Series is and NVMe over Fabric All Flash Storage Arrays (AFA) that can be deployed centrally and accessed by many servers connected via high-bandwidth, low-latency RDMA networks.

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Atlantis Computing has announced the HyperScale CX-4 product targeted for distributed datacenters and also the ROBO (Remote Office/Branch Office) scenarios.

The CX-4 appliance is a two-node hyperconverged integrated system with compute, all-flash storage, networking and virtualization designed for ROBO and micro data centers.

The hardware configuration include two nodes with 4 TB of effective storage capacity and 48 compute cores in a compact 2U footprint, available with different appliances brads: Atlantis (with Supermicro hardware), Dell (with the support of the FX2 platform), HP, Lenovo and Cisco (this partnership was added during the last VMworld):

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Veeam Software has announced the general availability of Veeam Availability Suite™ v9. Announced during the last VeeamON, the latest version of Veeam’s award-winning availability solution introduces more than 250 new innovative features and enhancements to help organizations deliver on the needs of the Always-On Enterprise, enabling SLAs (service level agreements) for recovery time and point objectives, or RTPO™, of less than 15 minutes for ALL applications and data.

Notable highlights within Veeam Availability Suite v9 are:

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Using Veeam Endpoint you learn a lot on how Microsoft VSS works and how you can solve problems when something stop or go wrong. Some months ago I’ve wrote about an issue in file exclusion (see Veeam Endpoint: unable to exclude files from shapshot).

One week ago, Veeam Endpoint backup jobs goes in a yellow state again with this message:

05/01/2016 00:32:17 :: Unable to exclude files from snapshot: Shadow Copy Optimization Writer timed out (see Windows event log for more info).

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VMware Logo

VMware vSphere 6.0 has got some issues, like the several related to CBT and data protection, during the first years of its life. Mostly is finally resolved, but you may still have strange issuesespecially during the upgrade procedure (most when you start from a vSphere 5.1 version).

I notice, after an upgrade, also a strange behavior with vMotion where live VM migration fails with this error:

A general system error occurred: PBM error occurred during PreMigrateCheckCallback: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

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