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Reading Time: 3 minutes Some weeks ago I learn a new curios thing in a thread in the VMware Community: also the latest version of ESXi still have a VNC Server for the VM console that can be used with a common VNC connection as described in the old KB1246 (Using a VNC Client to Connect to Virtual Machines) related to the VMware GSX Server product! Note: as written in the KB VMware does not support running virtual machines with a VNC client. The right client to access the VM console is still the vSphere Client (or the Web […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes There is an performance monitor at VM level that show always a null value: it’s the VM Power Graph. The same monitor at host level show the power usage of the specific host. But by default, the power usage of the VMs are not calculated. To enable this experimental feature you must change an advanced parameter (Power.ChargeVMs) on each host (by default, as show in the picture, is zero… it must be changed to 1):

Reading Time: 5 minutes The original post is avilable on the VMTN Community blog: Guest post: VMTN Community and Social Media I would like to talk about how VMware Community compares with (and complements) other social networks and media. I’m a VMware Community Moderator, but I’m writing this post as a “normal” Community user. I do not consider myself a social media guru, but just a beginner. If you want to be precise, the title of this post is not exactly correct, because the Community is just another form of social network.  However, there are differences between the Community […]

Reading Time: 3 minutes With a vSphere 5 upgrade there is an important vDesign decision: if you already have some VMFS3 datastores could be better upgrade them to the new version of build new datastores directly with VMFS5? The upgrade procedure is quite fast and friendly and could be applied to a live datastore, so seems that there isn’t a big different between an upgrade or a clean format. But usually the recommendation is to re-format each LUN to VMFS-5 rather than upgrade it. This will fix a number of issues, including:

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the “issue” with vmdk in thin format is that they start “small” and then grow when you add new data… But when you delete some data, the vmdk file size is not reduced. To be honest this issue is more related to the guest file systems that does never delete the block data, but only the metada (or some of them). Of course at guest OS level you will see the right disk usage, but this will probably not match the one that you see at VMware level (that usually will be bigger).

Reading Time: < 1 minute Today has started the beta period for the VCP5-DT exam (of course on View 5).  The exam is available through December 20, 2011. I’ve received the official invite, but unfortunately in my Country there is any free seat for the entire beta period (this because only a subset of the testing center are authorized and in my Country there is a single center). By the way, the VCP511-DT beta exam consists of 210 questions and a short pre-exam survey consisting of 7 questions. The time limit for the beta exam is 225 minutes, with an […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes As described in the  release notes, one of the new features of View5 is the certificate check from the View Client (similar as the certificate check of the vSphere Client): Updated client certificate checking for View clients – View clients now follow the well-known browser model for handling certificates, displaying errors detected in the certificate presented by View Connection Server, or in the certificate trust chain. Administrators can set the Certificate verification mode group policy to enforce strict certificate checking; if any certificate error occurs, the user cannot connect to View Connection Server. Alternatively, administrators […]

Reading Time: 2 minutes One possible issue after a vSphere 5 upgrade using an in-place upgrade of vCenter Server could appear when you forget to remove the Converter Enterprise plugin (and/or the Guided Consolidation plugin). As you know some products has been removed from vSphere 5, and their plugins may remain in a “orphan” state. The result of this issue is that you will have a “broken” plugins list (with some plugins that are no more available) and also a wrong vCenter health status, due to some services that are no more existing:

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