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KACE is not only a series of management appliances, but also a set of tools, scripts, knowledge base articles, … related to IT world with attention on IT management and security.

In the free tools area, one interesting solution is a browser designed for people that require more security during Internet browsing: the name of this solution is Secure Browser. Before the Dell acquisition, this product was sold  by KACE  with a commercial license, but now it is free , both for personal and commercial use and can be downloaded from KACE web site. (just a fast registration is required).

Secure browser is basically a custom version of Firefox 3.6 with some native plug-ins (like Flash Player and Adobe Reader). All has been “packaged” in a virtual environment (similar at the one of ThinApp or App-V) with a technology called KACE Virtual Kontainer, to be partial isolated from the host OS.

As you can see, the browser seems a usual Firefox windows with and additional “shade” on the top and two small button: the first (the trash) is for reset and clean the browser settings, the second (the “i”) is for see the virtual environment settings. Secure Browser is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Unfortunately it is distributed as a MSI file and require administrators rights to be installed. By with the Dell KACE K1000 Management Appliance you are able to manage Secure Browsers organization-wide by enforcing white lists and black lists, reviewing statistics and even remotely resetting the Secure Browser back to its initial state. K1000 administrators may also easily customize a Secure Browser with desired settings and updates in order to generate a tailored Windows Installer setup.

For other information see also the post on ZDNnet.


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