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VMware Certified Associate certifications are the new level (the entry level) of VMware certifications path. It is similar as other associate level from different vendor and does not have mandatory courses (but the company does provide self-paced free eLearning courses for each to help potential associates to prepare for the certification exam), but also it’s not mandatory (actually) for next level (VCP), so it’s mainly for people that want a certification but probably does not have an plan to approach (in short time) other level.

The declared certification scope are:

“Earning VMware Certified Associate (VCA) certification demonstrates your foundational understanding of virtualization technology.”
“You’ll be more confident when interacting with your customers, colleagues, and management and be better positioned to take advantage of career opportunities in an evolving IT industry.”

There are some doubts on the affectivity of this kind of certifications and I agree that could be not so useful for a (really skilled) technical guy. But what about a junion or an operator, in this case it could be useful. Maybe also of technical presale figure, but in this case there is already the VTSP certification (for VMware partners).

The benefits of having VCA certification include official recognition of the associate’s technical knowledge, gaining access to official transcripts, and using the VCA logo. Associates also have access to the exclusive VCA portal and logo merchandise store; they will be invited to beta exams and classes, receive discounted admission to VMware events, and have greater opportunities for career advancement.

Actually the available VCA certifications are:


And there is a plan to introduce also the VCA on Network Virtualization (VCA-NV). There is also an area in the official VMware Community to discuss about those certifications.

I took all of them without any preparation and in about 1h (for all 3 exam). Are not too much easy, but not comparable with the old VCA4-DT exam (that was moderated difficult).

The nice aspect is that you ask for the exam (on VMware certification site), then (after about 15 min), you are authorized on VUE site and you can schedule the exam and take it on-line. Yes! Because this exam it’s completely online on your PC and your browser. Really nice to avoid un-necessary movement to testing center.


As supposed the Workforce Mobility related exam was on the entire Horizon Suite, rather than only on View and ThinApp.

In my opinion the idea is good, but actually seems too much sales oriented (and there are already the VSP and VTSP certification for this). More technical questions could make this exam more useful. And in less time: the provided time is too much for 50 questions, considering that the browser it’s not in a modal mode (and this make possible search for the question, or take snapshot, or simple play not too much fair).

And the cost probably is too much for this kind of exam. But note that actually there is a promo to offer all those exams with a discount of 50%. Until 30th Oct, there is also a promotion code to take those exams for free, but formally it’s for people that has follow a VMware course.

Another idea could be add a voucher with each vSphere bundle (some years ago there was something similar, with some PSO included).

For other exam experiences see also:


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