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In my briefing with Tarmin, during the last Powering the cloud event, was with Joseph Lynn, Director of Marketing at Tarmin.

Tarmin is an agile and innovative startup delivering key advanced technologies in big data and information management, leveraging the promise of cloud computing to create a new storage paradigm. They are focusing on providing active archive, Content Addressable Storage (CAS), Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and intelligent storage software optimised for secondary storage environment.

Tarmin define itself as a leading pioneer in Data Defined Storage solutions, for their revolutionary approach to storage and data management. Tarmin delivers its proprietary GridBank Data Management platform which extracts value from unstructured and structured data, granting businesses with increased understanding, actionable insights and the resources needed to make better informed business decisions. Tarmin GridBank removes the pain points of managing vast data flows and empowers organizations across industries to better store, protect and understand their fast growing, geographically dispersed data repositories. GridBank provides a comprehensive, holistic solution that unites application, information and storage tiers into a single, integrated data centric management architecture.

They have also win the SVC award 2013 for the Storage Company of the year.

In order to provide scalable and transparent access to data, there are three innovations that are essential to GridBank’s data centric infrastructure:

  • Media Independent Data Storage: GridBank limits the growth rate of data volumes through Object Dedupe and compression, ensuring that any unnecessary replicas are eliminated. Through automated policy-based data tiering, GridBank ensures that data is stored on the most appropriate tier of storage, delivering an optimal performance for both frequently and infrequently accessed data. It reduces the increasing unstructured data sprawl through GridSync, its local to cloud synchronization client, and smart device ingestion functionality, as well as through network trawling for .PST and other file ingestion. Finally, GridBank reduces total cost of ownership through storage optimization and significantly simplifying the complexity of managing disparate storage pools across heterogeneous hardware resources.
  • Data Security and Identity Management: GridBank delivers benefits for customers for controlling regulatory compliance, legal and commercial risks. It offers an integrated information governance framework for retention and disposal, including digital shredding, granular legal hold, and e-Discovery solutions, ensuring that legal and data compliance risks are mitigated. Additionally, it controls the regulatory, commercial and reputational risks of data protection and security through object-level encryption and authentication with strict logical separation between multi-tenancy stores. GridBank also ensures that data is highly available through fail safe replication, offering continuous data access even in the event of a data center outage. Finally, through automated data and object check summing, GridBank protects clients from the risk to data integrity through corruption or hardware failure.
  • Distributed Metadata Repository: GridBank is designed to enable organizations to better understand and gain insights from their critical data to enhance decision making. It offers big data analytics, empowering organizations to use its big analytics framework and data classification tools to understand underlying trends in business critical unstructured data. Through these analytics tools, organizations are able to gain actionable insights from their data, preempting future opportunities or threats to their core markets. Additionally, through high availability, clients gain continuous access to their data repositories, reducing downtime due to outages and accelerating search and e-Discovery. Finally, through enhanced access to company information, customers are empowered to innovate developing sustainable competitive advantage.

Those are basically the three main pilars of Tarmin data approach: Store, Control, Understand.

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