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OpenIO is a startup founded in 2015 by a team of 7 co-founders, experts in mail and data infrastructures. The headquarter is located in Lille, France, and there is also an OpenIO office in San Francisco.

They start with the need to to store huge amounts of relatively small files produced by end-users like emails, eventually using a large storage capacity, but always accessed with the lowest latency. Also, there was the need for maximum availability as Service Level Agreements were stricts for these critical end-user services. Object storage can be a solution for the capacity and scaling point of view, but lacks of performance.

During the last IT Press Tour #17 I’ve got the opportunity to learn more about this solution, directly the board of this company.

They build a scalable solution designed to grow as you need, that can handle from terabytes to petabytes. This Object Storage solution became Open Source in 2012 (with AGPLv3 license). On December 2015 they release OpenIO 15.12 version with a lot of new features that will be also the first LTS (long term support) release.

In my opinion the most interesting part is the interoperability aspect: there are some native (optimized) API and the command like.

But there are also several connectors: of course for S3 interface and also for OpenStack Swift support. But not only! File server access is also possible with NFS protocol. And for several type of workloads there can be a specific connector.

For email there are connector for:

  • Cyrus 3.0
  • Zimbra
  • Mail Object
  • Dovecot

And for video broadcast there are:

  • HTTP connector
  • Adaptive streaming connector
  • Event based transcoding

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